Our aerial systems produce high resolution stills, 360's and 4K video by utilising our professional CAA licensed & insured pilots.

Our professional Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) offers high resolution still imagery and 4K video up to 400ft. Fully insured, we can shoot your professional video and provide high resolution stills using our Typhoon 520 professional aircraft carrying the latest Yuneec E90 full frame camera and gimbal.

Our Equipment

We fly the Typhoon 520 with a backup Typhoon 480 Pro on all shoots. The Typhoon 520 allows us to fly up to 400ft in height and 500 metres in any direction to capture stunning images and video using the Yuneec E90 full frame camera and, with software, multiple images can be combined to create Giga-pixel images. In addition we also carry the E50 camera that allows us to stay a further distance from the subject while still getting the required shots.

Fast operation, quick setup and rock solid camera stabilisation gives crisp imagery and video in the strongest of winds. We carry enough battery power for around 90 minutes flight time and can fast charge in a couple of hours.